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Thread: PIP Report - Does The DM Always Agree With It?

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    PIP Report - Does The DM Always Agree With It?

    As my title asks, does the DM always go with what the assessor says? Would they notice any discrepancies and do they even check the evidence and previous assessors report?

    The reason I'm asking is, I was originally awarded enhanced for both in 2014, the first assessor acknowledge my mental health problems and even stated in her report that me getting better would take time (not in those words), she also recommended a review in 5 years. Fast forward to April 2019, I had my assessment, my Son then asked for a copy of the report 3 weeks later, the DWP adviser thought it was weird how they hadn't gotten a copy yet, said they would request it and send a copy, they got it the day after but never sent me a copy, Son had to call again.. anyway.. when I finally got the report I was pretty horrified at the amount of discrepancies in the report, the assessor has pretty much turned the report from being based on my mental health and how they affect me to being about my physical health.

    Bearing in mind the only thing that has changed since I was first awarded was that I was diagnosed with FM (I know it's not based on diagnoses!) and this time there was more evidence than the first time.

    Welfare Rights are also saying it shouldn't have gone the way it did because it was a review and nothing had changed from when I was first assessed. They want me to wait for the decision letter and then they'll help me do an MR if needed and a complaint against the assessor, I know they may not acknowledge it but I want to try anyway.

    The assessment was recorded with permission which Welfare Rights seem interested in listening to.

    Sorry for rambling/ranting, this has had a big impact on both my mental and physical health because I feel like I'm being called a liar and yet I'm pretty much housebound and when I do actually go out my Son comes everywhere with me and has to be with me if anyone comes to the home. I can't even go to the medical centre and ask for help from a GP or call them.

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    To answer your main question - The quick answer is NO.
    If the DM only 'rubber stamped' the assessors decision then there would be no need for them to look at it in the first place.
    (Other than the the law doesn't allow private companies to make 'official' benefit decisions).

    However the DM will often (usually) take the assessors word over medical evidence that you have provided.
    Their justification for doing that is that the assessor is trained to assess your abilities, whereas the evidence is only about your medical condition.
    Of course that's not strictly correct, and is why so many claimants win at appeal.

    You get good and bad assessors, you get good and bad DM's.
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    Ok, thank you, I thought I'd ask because I've been told that they do go with the assessors report most of the time which I'm obviously going to disagree with. I've learnt that over the years in regards to assessors, that's why I wasn't hoping for much with the review.

    I was going to have a rant but eh, there's no point.

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    It does not usually take too long (relatively) once the DWP has the report, so if it is taking a while the DWP might have asked for clarification, not a definite reason for delay, but possible reason for a delay.

    Believe me, I can understand wanting to rant about them, been in the same place myself. My last review was reasonable and I got a good report and decision to be honest, though I can understand not being confident in them and it is easier to say than do, but try and wait for the response from the DWP, before thinking the worst.

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    Yeah, it's just really made me feel a lot worse, it's the fact that someone is pretty much calling me a liar and that I feel like he's discriminating against my MH problems. He even told lies and stated I'd said things that I hadn't and put points in things I told him I had no problems with.. and removed them from things I told him I do have problems with... it's all on tape anyway.

    In regards to the time length, it took 3 weeks for him to send the report and that was only because the DWP requested it otherwise I think it would have been longer, what would be the reason for that? I've been told they generally send the report the next day? The DWP got the report the day after, that was around the 25th of April and then about a week or so later I received a letter saying they had all the info etc. at the time of requesting my report they told my Son there was no decision yet, that was about ermm 2 weeks ago I think. It would be nice if they were looking into it properly.

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