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Thread: TV Licence scam

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    TV Licence scam

    I received an e mail over the weekend saying that there was a problem collecting my TV Licence money when it was due.Everything looked official but when I checked the ref number against my licence it was wrong .I knew then it was a scam.The renewal date wasd also wrong as well.I phoned TV licence people just to be on the safe side and they confimed that it was definatly a scam .
    Please be aware if you get the same e mail and just delete it .As they say for warned is for armed

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    That's an old one still doing the rounds, delete it ! Another one is a telephone call purporting to be from OFCOM saying your internet is infected with malware etc. Do not press buttons on your phone to speak to an operator or you will be quietly switched to a premium rate phone line.
    Just ignore.
    Call me Mike.

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    I just delete emails, from TV Licensing, no matter what the tagline is, though usually something saying problems with payment. Get a letter every year thanking me for payment, so know in clear anyway.

    As Gus says, one that's been around for a while. Have a neighbour, who was constantly getting the computer virus call, despite never having had a computer in their life. They'll try anything to hold of your details, I even shred paperwork, as even though the chances are slim, some people even go through rubbish looking for bank statements etc.

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    It was just a heads up for anyone who hadn't seen the TV licence scam .I hadn't and it looked so real people might be fooled by it.Yes I've had e mails from all sorts of scammers and I've just deleted them same with phone calls which I usually tell them that they are either through to the undertakers or they are speaking to WPC whoever at the local police station.They soon put the phone down .

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