A little while ago my assessment nightmare started again, I talked abouut it in another thread but think this is worth an update. I'm severely disabled and rarely leave my home, when I do it has to be something extremely importand as I go through so much pain. No one has the right to cause me pain yet this so called "health advisory sevice" are determined that I must attend an appointment to be assessed.

They ignored all the evidence and supporting letters I sent from Doctors and specialists and refused my request for a home visit. So a couple of weeks ago I got yet another Doctors letter making it clear I was not fit to attend and would need a home assessment. Once again they ignored it and starting sending me texts to remind me to attend the assessment centre.

I rang them today to confirm they had the letter, which they did, but had decided not to give me a home assessment. I told them it was impossible for me to attend and was then told someone would ring me to explain their decision.

Next I rang my MP's senior case worker who deals with assessments and explained what they were doing, she said she would contact them and ask for an explanation.

This is stressing me out so much its unreal, my angina has become more frequent, Im not sleeping, my nerves are shot. This is assessment number 4 plus a tribunal at the age of 64. I am in support group so the only thing they can achieve is to remove me.

I suffer from 13 long term health problems, some of them serious, attending an assessment would cause me harm, real actual physical pain. Can they do this when they know it will harm me ? I thought the Law said no one has the right to knowingly cause harm to another person ?