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Thread: disabled parking

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    disabled parking

    Hi all just looking for some advice because its really starting to get to me and my wife

    basically my wife is only 24 and is disabled cant walk and she has a disabled badge for it now the real problem is when we use it the amount of abuse off old people (like to point out its not all old people just a selected few;-)) we get

    how can you have a blue badge your young you shouldn't have one
    you shouldn't be using someone else badge you know
    what the f is wrong with you to have one of them
    one guy even went to security and reported us for using someones else badge at tesco

    they is more but i have only said the more "nice" ones

    its got to a point that now she doesn't want to go out or want me to park in a normal bay which is really hard as i need room for her wheelchair.

    I've kept my cool because i know she doesn't like me confronting anyone about this

    i just don't know what to do anymore

    why do people need to have a go because "were young"

    any advice as to what i should do would be great

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    Surely people know the reason why when they see the wheelchair.
    In my opinion it is just best to ignore them, these folk have nothing better to do and not worth using your energy trying to explain or arguing with them.

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    Just do what the majority of people do to us wheelchair users; pretend they're not there and totally 'blank' them.

    Eventually, you will both develop a 'hard skin' toward such people.

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    I’ve got a blue badge with a hidden condition(MS)
    Just try and ignore the moaners or do what I do and tell them to try and live in my body for a week and see how they would feel

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    Oh gosh!!!
    Massive sympathy from me. I’ve had a BB since my 20s.
    I am now early 40s and in the past few years have had more hassle than ever!
    I now have a home made placard that I hang from my interior mirror when I park.
    It has a large disabled symbol and in huge writing says:

    Young person and disabled?
    (I use a wheelchair).

    I have had fingers wagged, been stared at tutted at, far worse which I’m not prepared to write here.
    I’ve had old men come up to the car and one right up to the windscreen and say “Neigh disabled”.
    I firmly and politely told him exactly why I was parked in a disabled space.
    They NEVER apologise!
    They won’t even wait for me to get out the car!

    The only advice I can give is probably what you are already doing. Keep cool and calm. People are so quick to judge me and the look on their faces changes when they see my chair but they usually don’t stick around long enough for that!
    I find if someone is defensive and starts getting annoyed then I ignore them. If they come up to me then I speak to them firmly but politely although that isn’t always easy.

    I must admit I have looked at other people using BBs and sometimes wonder why they have them but I try not to show it. A while back I saw a wheelchair user park next to me but didn’t want to stare so looked away as I got out my car. The other chair user did the same. Finally I looked round to realise it was one of my friends and we had actually been deliberately ignoring one an other in the name of not being rude! We laughed about it for weeks!

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