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Thread: Metallic paint colours

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    Question Metallic paint colours

    What is the best colour in terms of practicality for the vehicle ie keeping it clean? Obviously not white!
    I’m thinking ahead but waiting to test drive a vehicle a few weeks.
    I’d be interested to know your thoughts and experiences.


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    Mud Coloured. ..........
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    Grey or derivatives there of.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Number7 View Post
    Grey or derivatives there of.
    Interesting as I was wondering about grey or silver. Can’t decide.

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    I’ve found grey to be the best and with my current car (KIA) is what the manufacture calls “Titanium Silver” or what I call it “grey” just to stop the confusion.

    The car never looks dirty even though it is after a few weeks, if you look very closely at it, not including the ali wheel hubs that is as they look dirty after a few hours after cleaning them and have done on all my cars.

    My first Motability car was a silver grey Golf and never looked dirty.

    Second car was a black Seat Leon and always looked dirty but looked great when clean but not for long.

    Third car was a Pacific blue VW Golf and that never looked dirty.

    Had many cars over the years with all sorts of colours but grey is the winner at looking clean all the time and more important to me now that I’m disabled and can’t clean them myself.

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    Thanks Chris.
    I’ve been driving for 27 years and have had quite a few colour changes.
    First car was red - a 3 year old mark 3 Fiesta that quickly turned orange!
    Also had dark red, dark blue, silver and x3 black including current one.
    I’m getting my second WAV so it was pointed out by my Dad that a private ambulance/ taxi look a like might not be the best look. As it has dark privacy glass, I have to agree!
    Saw a silver one today although not a WAV, it looked very smart.
    I’m the same as you in that I’m unable to clean my car. Used to go to car wash but now take it to a hand wash facility where it’s slightly more expensive but they do a far better job and less incline to get scratches on paintwork!

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    I have a light grey metallic Ford. The only thing that gets dirty are the alloy wheels! Don't get black as that soon looks dirty in my opinion.

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    Current Yeti is White, only white car I've ever had!, it doesn't look too bad unless you go through something muddy or the local birds pay a visit!.

    Metallic orange (Tigers Eye) Kuga always looked quite clean, metallic red Qashqai the same. Only car that always looked scruffy was a black one!.

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    Thanks black is great when it’s clean in fact I’d say it was my favourite but I’ve also found it looks terrible when it has the slightest mud on it. I drive a lot in the country so that’s a fairly frequent occurrence.
    I’ve had x3 black cars in a row so think I’m settled on silver. Test drive booked for August so will have to see how I get on.

    Thanks for all your input and thoughts.

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