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Thread: DLA reinstatement

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    DLA reinstatement

    Hello everyone, this is a bit of a long tale of woe as my experiences with the DWP have been awful, last July 2018 I failed to attend a PIP assessment, even though I had good reason, I was in hospital suffering from a very serious blood clot, even after providing them with all the hospital notes, a decision maker made the ludicrous decision to stop my DLA benefit and so from August 2018 I have been fighting my case and then in May 2019 I finally got the decision changed and was told that my DLA was to be reinstated but here we are in July 2019 and I've heard nothing from anyone at the DWP, I have contacted them by phone and I am told that my claim is still achived, they say they can see the confirmation letter I received saying my DLA is to be reinstated but seem unable to tell me why it has still not been done. So, can anyone tell me what I can do or where I can go from this position I find myself in? Truly i am losing the will to live and am so stressed by it all and my health is really suffering. If anyone can help i would be very grateful!

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    Contact your MP's office and get them to give the DWP a prod, that usually works.

    See here for how to go about it:

    You could use this to send an email:
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