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Thread: Benefit sanctions on UC if got the sack

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    Benefit sanctions on UC if got the sack

    I wasnt on any benefits until I got the sack two weeks ago. I've applied for UC after I got the sack two weeks ago. I was being bullied a bit by managers and they were just trying to find a way to get rid of me. Last November a supervisor put in a grievance about me saying that I wasn't doing my job properly and personality clash issues although the things she was complaining about were only trivial and same mistakes were being made by everybody, I got a first warning. After that happened I admitted to my employer that I was struggling due to physical and mental health problems and that I had IBS, Plantar fasciitis, Lower back strain (pulled muscles) plus on antidepressants and sleeping tablets. Anyway about 3 weeks ago the same person from last November put in an identical grievance about me again and I got the sack. I'm now in assessment phase of Universal Credit (only applied 12 days ago). Also doctor has signed me off work with a fit note for depression. I'm just hoping I won't get a sanction for misconduct because my employer basically staged s 'constructive dismissal' to get rid of me, any thoughts anybody, need advice

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    Go & get proper legal advice from CAB or Welfare Rights etc.
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    Agreed, you need help with this from someone who can see all your paperwork, letters from your employer, etc.
    They should be able to help with both the dismissal and any arising benefits issues.

    For instance it wouldn't be constructive dismissal unless you resigned yourself, but it does sound like it may well have been Unfair Dismissal.

    You can find advice organisations close to you by putting your postcode in here:
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