Hi Everyone.

I am currently in the Support Group for ESA. I have completed my ESA50 and returned it along with Dr's letter explaining my conditions which are many including severe depression and anxiety. PTSD, along with my physical disabilities.

The doctor wrote that "she will not be able to attend an assessment due to her symptoms, so I would kindly request that she has a home visit for this"

I have received an appointment to go to an assessment centre. I rang them to ask if they could check that my Dr's letter specifically asked for a home visit. Their reply was that the Dr's letter was not enough to warrant a home visit, and that as my anxiety was bad it would be better for me to get it out of the way. (Apparently home visits are over 12 months waiting)

My appointment is for Saturday 13th July. I know I can cancel once. Please can someone advise me how late I can leave it before I cancel? Should I cancel?

I really need advice please.