I'm wondering what credence is put on the PIP physical assessment. Is it simply a case of how you were on the day or does the assessment mean in the eyes of the health professional that this is what you're like all the time? I ask because while I've got my responses/arguments prepared for everything else that was cited as evidence in rejecting my PIP application this one has me puzzled. I've had days when I an't get out of bed so obviously turning up for the assessment in the first place was an indication of a (very) good day and this was mentioned at the time and included in the health professional's report.

The DWP's PIP assessment guide for providers says that "A "snapshot" view of the claimant's condition on a particular day at a particular time is not an adequate assessment"

So is this physical such a "snapshot" view - personally I can't see how it can be anything else - or is the HP claiming that the physical capabilities I had at the assessment are the physical capabilities I have all the time? One specific area aside, I'm not saying the assessment was incorrect. But it was an assessment "on a particular day at a particular time" so I can't see how it can be considered adequate. In fact the entire assessment process, verbal and physical, would appear to be at odds with the DWP's own express advice to providers.