I am currently a housing association tenant.
I was in a property which I had to be moved out of, I had an OT write a report stating that I would need a parking space, which was sent to the housing association.

When I came to view this property, the previous tenant was parked on her front garden which is grassed, so I assumed that was allowed and that my housing association would have read my OT report regarding parking, so didn't think to question it....

However, after 3 weeks, I've now just found out I'm not allowed to park on my garden as it is a grassed area! The road is quite a walk from my front door (about 50 steps) and in a little cul-de-sac. It has a dropped kerb onto the little estate bit, and people do drive up to drop their shopping etc..

Where do I start?! Apparently I can get a disabled space put in on the road, but this doesn't help me as I am having issues getting from my door to the road.

Does anyone know, or point me in the right direction, as to whether I could get my front garden changed to hard standing so I can park there?? Or...any other solutions as to how I can work with this?! I don't want to have to move again, but I have already had problems getting out, and when I have another severe flare, I'm going to be trapped indoors!

I'm not sure how to explain the road, but the actual bungalows are all in 2 rows, with paths in between, so not a road, although people do drive up it... if that makes any sense!

Thanks in advance!