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Thread: Orinentation aid in PIP

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    Orinentation aid in PIP

    Hi folks,

    In the mobility part of pip one of the descriptors that gets 10 points is,

    d. Cannot follow the route of an unfamiliar journey without another person, assistance dog or orientation aid.

    I wonder would a small monocular prescribed by a Low vision Clinic (to be able to see numbers on buses and read travel information on the monitors) be classed as a Orientation aid?

    For the record I did get 10 points and get standard mobility last year, but was one point short of getting the standard daily care, so in the future I may apply again, but a little worried that I might loose the standard mobility and end up with nothing, hence the question.

    Thanks for any information if the monocular would be classed as an aid.


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    Yes, I believe it should be classed as an aid. Monoculars are included in the list of orientation aids on this page

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    The assessors guide states: Legal definition (as per Social Security (PIP) Regulations 2013)
    Aid or appliance: Any device which improves, provides or replaces claimant’s impaired physical or mental function – includes prosthesis.

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