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Thread: DWP and PIP

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    DWP and PIP

    Hi i had my assessment on the 17th June 2019 do you think its to early for me to ring DWP to get an update?

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    You could ring and ask for a copy of your assessment report, this will enable you to get an idea of DA recommendation while you await the decision, this also would give you time to prepare for MR if required. You can see on the report what you are likely to have scored.

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    Hi i already have the assessment report its says 10 points for care and 8 points for mobility so if they go by the DA i should be ok i hope.

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    Its just waiting for the decision now, no amount of calls will hurry it along.

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    Sit back & relax, seriously it sounds like you will be fine !
    Call me Mike.

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