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Thread: Another question!

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    Another question!

    Its the week that just keeps giving!

    My husband was 65 in April & he is on my esa claim, I'm in SG I also get PIP enhanced for both He claims carers allowance for me & also claims low rates pip for himself.

    He as just recieved a " we invite you to claim state pension letter".

    I dont understand any if this?
    He cant even use a computer & us useless on a phone, I cant hear on phones.

    I also recieved yesterday a esa review home visit relating to an esa50 sent in nearly 2 & half years ago.

    I dont know if I'm coming or going.

    I dont know what to do for the best?

    I've googled & the info just may as well be in another language.

    I'm confused & my husband as no idea what to do, he just thought claim state pension & thats it but I dont think its as simple as that?

    I've read about HB / CTax being affected etc

    I did ring Age UK some time back about this upcoming pension when he reached 65, but were no help, I couldnt hear them & someone was supposed to be calling back & never did.

    I had a CAB home visit who said leave everything as it is, due to UC ( we arent in a UC area).

    I am beyond confused....
    Can anyone advise?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TJM View Post
    I cant hear on phones
    Can your husband hear over the phone? If you are struggling to hear that must be very frustrating indeed.
    Have you looked into getting an amplifier? My Dad is very hard of hearing in his good ear and wears a hearing aid. In his bad ear he is profoundly deaf. He relays on lip reading and you must talk face to face and can’t talk if the tv is on or he is in a busy place. He has special equipment from RNID known now as ‘Action on hearing loss’ which enables him to use the phone although it can be a struggle at times. He also purchased a special mobile phone from the same organisation which he finds a great help.
    Good luck with the CAB.
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    Mines a rare condition.
    I broke my back & whilst recovering from that, I went to bed one night & woke up deaf. Which in turn as affected my co ordination, bslance etc hearing aids dont work for me. Lifes a nightmare, I rely on lip reading mostly, long hard condition to explain & live with. My husband also suffered a stroke last year, slthough recovrring well still as right side weakness, but as affected his memory very slightly he panics very easily now. We look after each other as best we can, life is very hard & when things like thus come up, its just a nightmare. I had a severe vertigo attack yesterday & fell hit my face & ended up in emergency dentist as I've broken a tooth. Just one thing after the other....I didnt know if there was an organisation that can come down, an expert in this state benefit thing that csn just help us....

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    First off - The entire UK is now a UC area, everybody.

    Things are awkward at the moment because of new laws that came in earlier this year regarding 'Mixed Age' couples.
    ie. One over pension age but the other not.
    It has messed up a lot of peoples' knowledge of what should be happening with other benefits, even professional advisors are struggling with some parts of it.

    So what can we say for definite?

    Carerers Allowance and State Pension are 'overlapping' benefits.
    So CA may stop being paid if his State pension is more than the CA, although he should keep an 'Underying Entitlement to CA' which can give entitlement to other benefits.

    He will probably have to come off your ESA claim.
    ESA is a working age benefit so stops when you reach your pension age.

    VERY Important, you need to act quickly-
    Pension Credit has been stopped for Mixed Age couples, but there is a 'loophole' that means he might still be able to claim it as long as he applies before 13th August and asks for it to be backdated to before 14th May.
    (You can backdate PC for 3 months before the claim date).
    See this -

    That's something you need to look at fairly quickly, 13th August is not that far off and you wouldn't want to miss out if he can still get it.
    His not getting Pension Credits could mean that lots of other things like HB and CTR get adversely affected, you may even have to make a claim for UC to replace Housing benefit.

    Sorry I can't help more, it's all a bit of a mess again and you realy need to get advice from a local welfare organisation quickly before 13th August gets here.
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    CAB told us to let well alone as our area wasnt under UC changeover yet due to our post code.
    If we made any alterations to our benefits ie him apply for state pension, that would set the ball rolling.
    And my husband although 65, isnt entitled to state pension until November 9th, as he has to be 65 6mths and so many days to qualify.
    then this letter comes today and says to apply if he wants.
    We havent a clue what we're doing or where to turn to, I've just done a turn to u calculation, which was no help and didnt mention state pension.
    Absolutely worn out with this benefit thing, wish we didnt need it.
    thanks anyway.

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    As I say all areas of the UK are now Full Service UC, every postcode.

    They have been since last December.
    How long ago was it that you were you talking to CAB?

    If it was recently then maybe you misunderstood what they said.
    I don't know everything. - But I'm good at searching for, and finding, stuff.

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    In June of this year. None of our paperwork is UC we dont have the UC computor thing either. Never had any paperwork saying we are on UC.
    A person I know 2 postcodes showed me his paperwork & UC folder thing on his tablet.
    I dont have any of that, we have esa, pip, carers etc all on seperate paper work. Even this dreaded ESA assessment coming up, the paperwork I have for that gives several options of what the home assessment is related to mines ticked ESA further down is UC unticked Attendance allowance unticked etc.
    All CAB said was dont apply for any other benefit ie state pension/pension credit ( I thought they were both the same thing) as it would kick start UC & then another CAB said, if I was recieving severe disability then we couldnt be transfered onto UC.

    TBH I'm lost, confused with the whole benefit system, none of it makes any sense, I dont understand "over lapping benefits" totally lost with it all, its bad enough being ill, let alone trying to understand all the benefit thing.

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    You personally are not on UC yet.

    What CAB were saying is:
    If you made a new claim for any Income Related benefit now then that would have to be UC. (Unless you have the Severe Disability Premium with your ESA).

    However that doesn't include State Pension or Pension Credit, those are not replaced by UC.
    UC is a 'Working Age' benefit, it is only paid when you are of working age - It stops being payable when you reach pension age.

    They/you were probably getting confused with the new 'Mixed Age Couple' stuff.
    Everybody can claim their State Pension when they reach the qualifying age.
    But Mixed Aged Couples can't claim Pension Credit (or age related housing benefit) until they both reach State Pension Age.
    As I said above there is currently a loophole if the person above pension age can backdate their PC claim to before 14th May, this will only be possible until 13th August.

    It looks as if your husband will not be able to do this as he doesn't reach his state pension age until November, so unfortunately that loophole is closed to you.

    I think that you need to go back and have another talk with CAB.
    Whilst what they said in June is true, and you should currently avoid making any new claims, once your husband reaches his State Pension Age then you will have no choice but to claim his State Pension, and UC in your name, unless you want to lose quite a bit of money.
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