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Thread: Motability car not serviced!

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    Motability car not serviced!

    Hi everyone, I’m new here and all I have done is toss and turn all night getting myself worked up and stressed out ????
    My current lease is due to end in November and I will soon have to choose another vehicle.
    I can’t remember the last time my car went for a service or if it even has ????
    My husband and I had a change of phone numbers, mobile and landline but I do remember before they changed the garage was calling us to get the car booked in.
    Unfortunately I took a bad turn and we were unable to take the car in. My husband would usually do it but to be fair to him he has been suffering with his own health issues which is to totally a different story. Anyway, the car has not been serviced full stop.
    I am scared stiff that motability is going to tell me I can’t have another car because I haven’t serviced my current car.
    Is this actually something that they will do?
    This hasn’t been done on purpose. I’m anxiety is through the roof.
    Although it will soon be time to change (if they let me) should I call the garage? I’ve been so scared to call them as I feel like a total idiot.
    I honestly don’t know what to do....
    Any words of advice will be extremely appreciated ????

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    No need to worry Emmie, just book a service. The Garage will also MOT your car seeing as it's soon to be returned.

    Most modern cars are on a 2 year servicing regime so it's no big deal really.

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    Ask the garage for a service sticker for your windscreen to remind you next time.
    Perhaps put a note of your cars Birthday either in your diary or on your calendar so that you know the service check will also be due.
    Many garages also contact you by phone or text as a reminder so make sure they have your new contact numbers.
    All the best.


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    Thank you!
    I have been terribly worried and this has put my mind at rest.
    I’ll give the garage a call.

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