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Thread: Pip appeal.

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    Pip appeal.

    Hi all. To cut a long story short, i'm currently going through a pip appeal. The pip appeal was registered in March, after receiving 0 points on my pip assessment review. Had a mandatory reconsideration still was awarded 0 points so then filed my appeal. The dwp responded to the appeal in June and now I am awaiting an appeal date. Futher to this I sent in futher medical evidence ( mental health assessment report) and have also been put on futher medication a long side the medication I am also on. I sent this medical evidence in on 23rd July next day delivery, was signed for on 24th July although they had claimed they lost it and then when I said I'm going to complain and contact my local mp they found it the next day ( last Friday) the 9th August. Now I phoned dwp today 13th August, for an update they now said they have sent email to the appeals officer to look at my pip decision again and all the evidence that they have, to see id they can offer anything, i m wondering how long this is likely to take and whether or not they are likely to change there decision? I also have futher evidence that I will continue to send in.

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    Hi Megan, I went through my PIP appeals process very recently (for the 3rd time) and won (for the 3rd time!).

    My experience and understanding of the process is that after the MR, you can then appeal. When the appeal has been logged by the courts and tribunals service, the DWP have a month to respond to the appeal. If you have sent in extra evidence (which should have gone to HMCTS after the appeal was lodged) then they can take that into consideration. Without knowing what that extra info is it's hard to say if they will amend anything, although I suspect it is highly unlikely they will find 8-12 points from 0 points.

    Anyways, after the DWP has responded to the appeal you then have to wait for a hearing date and how long that takes depends very much on where you live.

    Personally, whenever I sent in new stuff or wanted to make statements for the tribunal to consider, I always sent it via email. It's cheaper, faster and you have proof that you sent it.

    If the DWP doesn't increase your points that's not to say a tribunal won't. I've gone from 0 points to 15 in previous appeals. What helps though is that you explain how your disability affects each descriptor and to try and fit it specifically to what points are awarded for. If you just send in extra evidence by itself, you leave it open to their interpretation.

    Finally, my timeline from (re)assessment to having received arrears payment has been about 5 months and unfortunately I would say that is fast. The DWP could have added an extra month simply by considering if they wanted to appeal the tribunal decision.
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    Sorry, it's not clear from that just who you sent the FME to?

    You should have sent it to the court, with maybe a copy to the DWP.

    Once you have appealed to the tribunal court then they are dealing with it.

    If you didn't send it to the court then I would do so now.
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