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Thread: Dismissive Doctors And Increasing Pain

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    Dismissive Doctors And Increasing Pain

    I have a bunch of health issues that I'm concerned about (chronic pain in my back and joints, mental health issues, possible digestive issues). But when I've gone to doctors in the past (loads of times for mental health, only a couple of times for physical stuff) almost all of them have been dismissive and unhelpful. I'm only 22, and a lot of doctors don't seem to believe that young people can have health issues.

    I am managing my mental health reasonably well on my own, but the pain is getting worse and impacts my mobility to the point that I'm nearly housebound. But I can't afford a wheelchair and doubt I'd be approved for any kind of grant to get one, since I don't have a diagnosis of anything and don't "look disabled".

    How do I make doctors take me seriously? I really can't just go back over and over again or keep going to different doctors. I can't walk to the surgery over and over again without being in a lot of pain, I don't have money for public transport (and don't know anyone who could take me in a car), and the impact on my mental health of being repeatedly dismissed is just too bad.

    I need to get a diagnosis quickly, or get a wheelchair. How do I do either (or, preferably, both)? I have no-one to help me.

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    In my opinion all you can do is keep trying different GP's until you are seen by one who is sympathetic and will go that extra mile to help you,it took a close family member of mine 4 years to find a decent GP who would take their mental and physical health problems seriously and they are also in their twenties,the difference in treatment a patient gets from GP to GP can vary massively.

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    Even when you are born with physical disabilities and more added as you get older wheelchairs aren't just given and usually old ones that if you can't use arms or hands wont be any good I have conditions which mean i am limited on mobility but have been told unlikely ever get electric chair even though would mean i could get out more. If you just say to your GP that you have increased back pain that's been on going and need an xray they usually will send you for one especially if never had one but you need to be to the point and not go on about other things just talk about 1 or 2 things each time you go to GP. If you have a counsellor or doc for your mental health issues speak to them about it and they might recommend to your GP to send you to an ortho consultant or for tests. If you have financial or housing issues go to CAB and talk to them about things maybe they can give you some advise. Goodluck

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    Dismissive Doctors And Increasing Pain

    Best goggle whether your insurance will reimburse the cost of using these new treatments. Likely they will deny payment as "experimemental". Their new way of getting out of paying

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    How do you choose the best choose the best product among the ones listed here?

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