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Thread: REMINDER-Warm Home Front Scheme.

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    They have already applied for the whd benefit, the letter says scottish power are required by ofgem to check a number of applicants each year and they have been randomly selected,the letter looks genuine and even has their unique whd reference number they got when they originally applied for it on the top of the letter,the email they want you to upload the proof to is and the freepost address to send them to is freepost SCOTTISH POWER WARM HOME DISCOUNT there is no postcode

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    From a quick look on their website, it does say you MAY be asked to provide proof of eligibility. Picking some at random for checking is quite a common practice so given the way all the details look genuine, I would say that this IS real and your parents need to respond with proof to avoid losing their discount.

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    Well Im with British Gas Ive been with them for years they say the same thing every year that your picked @ random and once asked you wont be asked again, bah humbug, they asked me every year for the last ten years. Its no hassel you just send a scan of the letter from DWP but why say you will be asked only once when they ask you every year, crazy

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    They have decided not to proceed with this years whd because if in the future they decide to switch energy companies they are not comfortable with scottish power and whoever has access to their data systems doing whatever the hell they like with their personal information especially with all the universal credit scams etc on the rise so it's a case of hoping the winter months are not too cold

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    I got my Warm Home Discount from EDF vouchers through today but i dont understand why they call them warm home when my house is warmed by gas not the electric which the vouchers can only be used for.

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    if you get your gas from EDF then phone them and explain and they can usually swap the amount to either or both services

    however - also - if you have that for electricity it frees up your other money for the Gas - so it will work either way

    last year I rang SSE - my supplier for both - and they put half on each

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    Coop energy looks like its going to be painful to deal with again.

    The scheme is still not opened, and they have finally posted a reason explaining why but no date.

    Due to our recent strategic partnership with Octopus Energy, we currently have no confirmed launch date for Broader Group Scheme. If you are on supply with Co-op Energy or GB Energy and you believe you may be eligible for this rebate, please register your interest below and we will contact you once the scheme opens
    I didnt get my payment from last year until practically the summer.

    I rang them, and they told me they getting lots of calls about WHD, the reason is they merged with another company and moving people to a new billing system,, WHD is "on hold" until this is done and no date will be committed so just have to wait before can even apply.
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    So the truth has come out, coop-energy have been taken over by octopus energy a company I never heard off. But anyway applications are now open at

    I wasn't far off with reporting them to ofgem for the lack of application process.

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    does anybody know what proof of annual income is acceptable to these clowns as they wont accept a p60 or a bank statement as proof to qualify for the whd

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    Hi Diesel70, the only way I can think of asking your supplier as to what is accepted, would be to email them. (I generally & often email my suppler - SSE - and they are nomrally quite swift in their replies). Hope this helps and & hope you come back and let us all know what they do accept. Can I ask which supplier you're with, out of interest?

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