FRAUD ALERT !!!!!!!!
I have just received a Notice of Debt Collection from a company called TRANSCOM WORLDWIDE LTD asking for £98.79 for "unpaid item to Ebay". This is a SCAM.
I do not owe them anything.
To check this is a SCAM LETTER, check out the following :
- Logo of the company incl VAT number, (always in colour),
- The payment slip should be Tearable (this one is clearly a photocopy),
- The method of payment should be cash/ cheque/ postal order. This letter clearly states "Amount Due - standard fee payable at PO counter" then under the paymentbos CHEQUE NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Be careful when you receive this kind of letter, do your research before parting with your cash !!!!

I have looked on different websites such as Martin Lewis's one and this Transcom digs out some "old debts" and try to make people pay.

In my case, Ebay does not even know about this debt.
If you eer come across this letter let the police know and tell them that you are a victim of "attempted fraud". Looks like there are plenty of complaints
I have complained to the Daily Mirror, Trading Standards and Ebay. This money is better in our pocket than theirs.

Hope this will help.