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Thread: Some Advice Please

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    Some Advice Please

    I've just read a post on here which has sent shivers down my spine! It was an old thread so I'm starting a new one hoping for fresh advice.

    I had an accident in my Motability car last week, third party admitted fault to the police, lot's of wittnesses including DashCam fotage from the lady behind me. I've been informed today by the garage that my cars being written off.

    I've have the car for a year and paid just under 3k on the deposit as I had some additional extras, such as an automatic tailgate as I'm a wheelchair user and although I can walk around the car, I can't stand to phyically open and close the boot. I also had a quick clear windscreen which ok, I didn't need but it makes things a heck of a lot easier!

    I read on here that in the case of a write off, you're just told to go an pick a new car, pay the deposit and enter a new contract? Is this still the case? Do I get my deposit back on the car somebody has written off through no fault of my own?

    I've just tried calling Motabily to find out what happens from here and was just told someone will call me from the relivent department within the next 5 days. Great! Very helpful! Cheers!

    I also paid Halfords to hardwire a DashCam in which was off my own back and I'd have it taken out before returning the car, can I claim for this on my insurance? I'm guessing not?

    They've given me a hire car with the hand controls I need (after lot's of moaning), although it hasn't got an automatic tailgate so I'm having to leave and old wooden chair on my drive to sit on whilst I open and close the boot before walking to and from the drivers seat.

    Absolutely none of this is my fault, which is proven but now I'm worried I'll be stung for another 3k deposit!!!

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    As far as I am aware you should get back pro rater what you have paid for extras and advance payment. Best to confirm this with RSA your insurance provider.
    Also please don't tell them about having the dash cam hard wired in. As this is considered a modification and is not allowed! unless supplied and fitted by the dealer and has RSA approval.

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    Yes indeed you can have a dash cam hard wired in. I spoke to Motability and they were more than happy as I told them Halfords would be doing this. The only requirement was that I’d have to verbally agree to having the wiring taken out before handing back the car which I agreed to do.

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