Hi can anyone help.... Had assessment a year ago june 2018 as i was put on uc in dec 2017 because of ill health after ssp finished was refused lcwra based on lies medical assessor wrote and a docter id never seen before at my practice writing wrong info down... Cut long story short appealed but at last minute due to severe stress. Reapplied june this year due to condition deteriorating saw specialist at assesment today didnt examine me cud clearly c how bad i was she said also said there is no way im fit to work and she would deal with this she even told me to go home nd go to bed .... My queations are : what are chances of getting lcwra based on this and will it be backdated and is it true if ur already on uc when u claim for lcwra there is no waiting period.... Would appreciate any help been told so many lies of dwp in past dunno whp to believe anymore.... Lost all confidence