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    Thats so true nuke theres no reason for a 13wk assessment it should be from when u first hand in sick notes or when u first request uc50 etc that way if ur assement and decision takes 4wks or 40 everyone gets it backdated anyway to point of first producing sick notes there is no logical reason to have a 13wk assesment period it is as we all know just an excuse to not pay money out strait away if found to have lcwra.... Example being from form to decision mine took 4wks why wait for 3 months to start recieving money they say im entitled too....

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    Thr process people have to go through to get help adds stress to there situation whatever it may be.... As in my condition it may my health a lot worse and now my condition i struggle with every hour of every day..... This shoudnt be allowed to happen in todays society
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