Ok so my 5 year lease is almost at an end and my new WAV is being ordered in the next few days as it’s a DFW WAV it’s going to take several months to build.
DWP said via phone call today that my “indefinite DLA” technically will end sometime in November. Which seems fair enough.
My PIP forms were only returned on Monday.
I’m not concerned at all about getting EM PIP as I can’t wait bear and use a powerchair full time.

However I wonder if my car order will go ahead or if I’ll have to wait a few weeks/months till my Pip result?
The garage were very understanding and when I explained they asked if I’d been assessed yet which obviously I haven’t. They asked for a copy of a proof on benefit letter so I sent a recent one for DLA but it doesn’t say I’ve been Pipped. The timing is unfortunate to say the least.
I’ll let you know what happens.

Any experiences/ thoughts are welcome.

Thanks in advance.