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Thread: GCSE Coursework

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    GCSE Coursework

    Sorry if I offend anyone by just being on here; I have made a survey to try and gather ideas on how I could improve aspects of people's lives through the design of a product. Could anyone spare any time to answer a 5 minute survey I have made (just click the link)
    Thank You

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    We often get asked to do surveys for coursework, and other reasons.

    Here is a DT GCSE one from last year, the advice I gave there still stands. (I spent my working life as an engineering designer).

    Just to note that when asking for help by a survey it's usually best to say just what you are looking to do.

    As it stands your surveymonkey front page says nothing about what you are trying to achieve, or what the questions are going to be about.
    That's hardly going to tempt people to take part.
    Reading the survey questions themselves they are very broad and I'm not sure that the answers are going to help you much.
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    Ok, thanks for the advice, hopefully I have followed your advice properly

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