Hi All,

Hope someone can advise below...

Back in 2017 I applied for my daughter's ESA (she was 17yrs then) and then filled in a ESA50a form after which they continued to pay her the ESA benefit up to the present data - I think she is in the WRAG group.

She recently turned 20yrs, and is now doing a different Level 1 course at college (she did a level one and then a level 2 (difficult) ) course the previous two academic years as she found the previous subject difficult.

Today, she received an ESA50 form to be completed and sent off - I do not remember or have a copy of the previous ESA50 form which means she probably did not get one and was sent the ESA50a form instead and was never called for a face-to-face assessment.

She is still receiving the PIP benefit since 2016, both at Enhanced rates.

Therefore, can anyone please explain why I have been sent the ESA50 form - is this to trigger a new ESA claim or a review?

Thank you.