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Thread: DLA to PIP Advice

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    DLA to PIP Advice

    Hello, I am just looking for some advice I am currently in the process of being transferred from DLA to PIP I filled the form out, I've also been for a F2F assessment on 14th of August which I thought went quite well. I requested the report from the DWP that the assessor had written about me last week. It's just arrived today and nearly all of it is lies, It's like all of my the info that I told her about my conditions she's twisted around it doesn't look good at all. I still haven't heard anything back yet from the decision-maker but it looks like she's only scored me two points for making budgeting decisions but she recommends a review in two years which I don't get when she's ticked (A) Descriptor for everything else so I don't score any points. I've been on DLA for several years on an indefinite award for my mental health. I am terrified to go outside alone I need someone with me at all times due to Agoraphobia, Anxiety she's ticked Can plan and follow the route of a journey unaided. It's stressing me out so badly I don't know what to do next.

    My conditions are below.

    Depression Approx 14 years

    Agoraphobia Approx 14 years

    Panic attacks Approx 14 years

    Anxiety Approx 14 years

    Learning difficulties Since Child
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