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    ESA question

    I was awarded ESA CB support group in Jan 2015. My reassessment was due in Jan 2018 - I did not receive a form and when we contacted DWP, they said the next reassessment date was Jan 2020. Thought we'd check this - DWP said there was no reassessment date showing. She checked it twice and said they must've looked at it already and everything's fine. Obviously this is great but I've never heard of this before. If this is true, I'll have been on it for 8 yrs when I reach pension age.
    Has anyone else come across this? thanks

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    I was left alone for over 7 years before new forms sent out. The fun at the moment is on going and Maximus are just as anal now as they were 7 years ago.

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    It may be something to do with the fact that they stopped doing reassessments for 2 years between 2104 - 2016 and everyone due a reassessment in those 2 years simply got a 2 year extension.
    (I actually got mine extended twice and didn't have any reassessment between 2012 and 2018).

    Which shouldn't really have affected your 2018 prognosis date, but as we know they make mistakes and it looks as if they may just have added 2 years to yours as well.
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    I went over from IB to ESA in 2012 when i rang at the time said be relooked at in 2015 never heard anything in about 2017 I rang about something else and asked about it they looked at it and said nothing about reassessement don't worry about it they'll send you a form if they need to relook at your claim that was it haven't heard anything since. Hopefully they'll leave you till your pension starts

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    Thanks for your replies. I think I'll try to forget it and hope for the best!!

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    I was supposed to get reassessed march 2015 but they didn't reassess me until May 2017 and i was supposed to be reassessed may 2018 but they added on another 2 years again so I'm not getting reassessed again until next year.

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