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Thread: Pip can’t quite believe it

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    Pip can’t quite believe it

    I had a letter from pip to say that due to a change in the law my pip had been looked at again, and has not changed still 1b for mobility activity 1. My partner rang and asked for this to be looked at again as I can’t go out anywhere alone due to my mental health. They said they would put in a mandatory reconsideration.
    Later that day we received a phone call from a operations manager saying that I should never had been put on 1b and had changed the descriptor immediately to 1e which had generated a large underpayment which has been sent out today ( I have been on pip since 9th June 2017) He then stated he felt I should be on 1f 1F but needed to check a few things! A couple of hours later he rings back again and says he is doing an internal review and is very confident I will be put in 1F he just needs to dot the i’s and cross the T’s and will call on Friday(20/09/19) with an update. I can’t believe it has anyone heard of anything like this before? I am half expecting someone to tell me it’s all been some sick joke! Just thought I would share because this seems so bizarre to me. Any comments or reassurance will be great fully received

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    Hi, im a bit confused here. I read that with this law change, you couldnt do a MR? If your looked at and a decision is made ie no change its left at that. Just confused why he put in for a MR?

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    Yes you can ask for a review (reconsideration) of these PIP review decisions. (and for the IB-ESA review decisions).
    They are decisions about an award of benefit and as such can be MR'd and appealed.

    There has been the usual confusion with DWP staff though.
    Some have been saying that you can't MR, and some have been saying that you have to ask for MR in writing - both are wrong and you can ask for MR over the phone.
    There was a recent FoI about this issue of requesting MR's in writing only, click here to see it, and the DWP replied as follows:
    The information requested does not exist in law because the law itself does not explicitly say
    how an application for Mandatory Reconsideration (MR) must be made – it just refers to there
    being a need for an application. However, since the process was introduced applications for
    MR in writing or by telephone have been accepted
    . This applies equal y to the IB to ESA
    exercise. Unfortunately, the information you have been given suggesting otherwise is
    . I apologise for the confusion.
    Although I do note that the person who rang you said he was doing an Internal Review, not a MR.

    The bit I don't quite understand is why he phoned you about 1e if he was already considering 1f?
    Why not wait until he had considered it?
    It's only a 2 point difference though and so if you already had points for mobility descriptor 2 then the 10 points for 1e would have given you Enhanced Mobility anyway so getting the extra 2 for 1f wouldn't really make any difference.
    Of course if you didn't have points from descriptor 2 then it makes a big difference. (Standard ot Enhanced).

    Still it looks like a good result.
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    Never heard of this been done before.

    So you rang asking for a reconsideration and then got a new descriptor ruling on the very same day?

    Sounds very unusual, but whatever, good news is good news right.

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    Hi all, thanks for the reply’s. Yes the decision to change me from 1b to 1e was changed the very same day!
    I had no points for mobility activity 2 as my disability is purely mental health. I was over the moon being moved to 1e, but my partner did question this and the team leader he spoke to agreed it should definitely be 1f. The reason he changed it to 1e first was because he felt we had waited long enough and wanted to make sure we had something coming our way as soon as possible, so put it through the system as an official error. He then did a paper based internal review and has changed it to 1f and extended my award period for a further 5years so I can concentrate on my recovery. He has just rang me today to confirm
    It has all been done. I am so happy and grateful to the case manager that actually did his job properly.
    So to all of you out there it pays to keep going never give up you can get what you truly are entitled to.

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    Thanks for the insight kelly, can I ask if this is due to anxiety issues going outside?

    These specific descriptors seem up in the air, as AP's seem to be only assessing if people can use a GPS or guide drivers. If they determine that can be done they tend to not give the descriptors. But I have always believed people who can use a GPS, map etc. but are just scared to go outside should be getting points and would like if you ok with it to confirm thats why you got it.


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    Wow thats amazing i sent my MR for this reason yesturday with new evidence, as my was looked at again and i remained in B even though like you i cant go out alone i wish mine was this easy, ive had weeks of stressing! Now the wait begins

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