I had a letter from pip to say that due to a change in the law my pip had been looked at again, and has not changed still 1b for mobility activity 1. My partner rang and asked for this to be looked at again as I can’t go out anywhere alone due to my mental health. They said they would put in a mandatory reconsideration.
Later that day we received a phone call from a operations manager saying that I should never had been put on 1b and had changed the descriptor immediately to 1e which had generated a large underpayment which has been sent out today ( I have been on pip since 9th June 2017) He then stated he felt I should be on 1f 1F but needed to check a few things! A couple of hours later he rings back again and says he is doing an internal review and is very confident I will be put in 1F he just needs to dot the i’s and cross the T’s and will call on Friday(20/09/19) with an update. I can’t believe it has anyone heard of anything like this before? I am half expecting someone to tell me it’s all been some sick joke! Just thought I would share because this seems so bizarre to me. Any comments or reassurance will be great fully received