Long story short I'm a psychology student and a couple of years ago I realized that my father has severe anxiety. This is due to his childhood, when he was a child his father and older brother used to literally beat him up on a daily basis and they made him pass out a number of times. Now my father has severe anxiety and is always worried if someone hurts him again, he is so scared that if you steal something from him, he will just say "sorry" and walk away but this affects his working life as well, since I was a child, he has always struggled to hold a job because his anxiety stops him from being able to act like a normal person which in turn stops him from working like he should and then gets fired. This has happened at least 20/30 times since I was a child. We have always struggled to get by but my father has been lucky because my older sister is a manager and she helped him immensely and for around 10 years he has been able to keep working at her place but the money he gets is not enough so I have been helping him and contributing a lot but now I am moving away to continue my psychology studies and he will struggle again when I move away and my mother is not able to work due to her high blood pressure and the 3 more illnesses related to it. They do not receive any types of benefits. I looked around online and found out he could be able to apply and receive PIP but I'm not too sure how it works, will he have to regularly visit and get a letter or something similar from a qualified psychologist (I'm only a student at the moment so I won't be able to write anything official) stating that he indeed suffers from anxiety and that it seriously affects his working life and his income? If he didn't have anxiety, he could easily hold a higher paid job but his anxiety won't allow him to.