Hi, I'm 54v and living in the Peak District. I recently had my dla to pip medical and surprise surprise received 0 points for everything.
Firstly I'm not surprised, this happened with an esa medical a few years ago and I appealed and went into a support group.

However, what has really surprised me is the difference in questions I answered in my application pack and those asked at the medical.
eg. can you bend down to use an oven - this appeared nowhere in the medical!

My other concern is there appears to be no provision in the care component for night time help. I frequently have falls in the night and as such my wife and son have to check on me regularly and at least ince a week pick me up off the floor, or help to.
In the old dla there was a component of night time care but now PIP seems to ignore it.

Anyone shed any light on this?

I'm now going about manadatory reconsideration and trying to gather evidence which I have already supplied and they have ignored.
I thought about getting a private medical report done and wondered if anyone else had tried this?