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Thread: Pip tribunal - what is going on?

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    Pip tribunal - what is going on?

    Hi all,

    When I first applied for pip, they gave me 0 points on both elements because I was expected to pass my GCSEs. I applied for a mandatory reconsideration and still, they refused me and gave me 0 points for the exact same reason. I have applied for tribunal now and they have sent to me the evidence we had sent them and other things like my past DLA form and the reason why they refused our claim.

    However, this is where things get a little weird. I’m currently waiting for a date for tribunal and I receive a letter from DWP saying they have “all the information needed to make a decision for your claim. There is no need to contact us” (essentially, this is exactly what they send when you first make your claim). My representative received one and I had received one too.

    My question is, why have they sent that? Is it normal? Should I contact DWP?

    Thank you!

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    I'm not sure how GCSE exam results are in any way relevant to a PIP application?
    (Unless passing contradicts what you are saying about your mental capacity. eg. If you say you can't calculate your change in a shop but then pass a maths exam it would raise doubts about what you have said).

    The letter will be because when you appeal to the tribunal the DWP take another look at your case, to see if they have in fact got it wrong.
    They wouldn't normally send that letter in those circumstances, but the DWP are well known for doing the unexpected.

    You may find that after looking at your case again they may make you an offer of a PIP award.
    (I suspect that could be why the have sent that letter, but who knows?).
    If they do then you can accept that offer, or decline it and continue your appeal if you think you should be awarded more.
    Alternatively, because the offer is a new decision, you could accept that offer and then make a new appeal against the new decision in the hope of getting it increased.
    Always remembering that the tribunal may actually award less than what has been offered by the DWP, and the ribunals award will then stand.
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