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Thread: Repair of Recliner (medical reasons for legs raised position).

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    Repair of Recliner (medical reasons for legs raised position).

    Hi All, Bit of a longshot and to be honest seems most apt forum to place and ask comments!

    Have a 3 seater manual recliner (3-4 years old) and found on Sunday morning, my seat, right hand side, failed to 'recline'! Simple reason being
    I actually heard the cable snap when I pulled tha manual handle. I need to have my legs raised as often as poss or whenever I am seated due to
    medical reasons, as I am sure many of us are, and was reason for choice of sofa!

    However, the only group I can find that assist are company called Homeserve, who cover whole of UK and are quoting a sum of £90 + VAT to
    replace and fit new handle and cable! We actually went back to where we purchased sofa a local company to see if they could assist, they couldn't,
    but advised that we should look to pay around £40-60 for what should be a 10 minute job (have to agree after watching no of videos showing how
    job can be done, if personally fit enough to do so!) Also mentioned that it would be more than likely a company called Homeserve that would attend as
    they (homeserve) also deal with high street shops such as SCS, DFS and the like, who would in all likelihood contract any repair jobs to Homeserve!

    If anybody has had this happen, they will know that the cable itself is similar to a brake cable & again cannot get over the quote fo best part of £120
    which is pretty much 25% of what the sofa cost originallly!

    Just looking for any advice or words of comfort if have no other choice but to bite bullet & pay! Has anybody attempted this repair themselves & if so,
    how did you go?

    Many thanks for reading & allowing to get off chest :-)

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    Does only one seat recline or could you use the other end?

    I'd talk to any local cyclists you know, or maybe a local cycle shop.
    You can be surprised what happens when you ask for help with things like that.
    I don't know everything. - But I'm good at searching for, and finding, stuff.

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    Hi Nuke, Cheers for replying. The left hand side does also recline, but alas, thsi has been claimed by my definite better half... I can hardly evict her to my side of the sofa!

    Cracking idea of asking cycle shop as you definitely know, the workings of recliner cable are exactly same as brake cable. Physically, it is not only the assistance of previously mentioned better half, on 2 occasions (1st occasion to remove and measure cable) and 2nd occasion to replace cable once received. This would mean, quite literally bearing in mind how I go about things, 2 afternoons spending between approx hour to do both occasions.

    It is also true how things look after being slept on (or not in last nights case), as yesterday I was up for doing the whole job and the achievement following, however, in the mood as a bad night, maybe having to accept matters and just bite the bullet, but then realising tomorrow morning I will feel different again!

    Whilst writing I can add to the 1st quote received, I did receive another, but this time they want £85 + VAT, a fiver cheaper than 1st quote (is this really the going rate for ripping us of!)

    I realise that the videos I have researched and even the comments people have made who have done this repair themselves saving over £100, that job can be done in 15 minutes by a non professional & the worst part of job is removal of the material that hides all mechanism, but this isn't seen when the sofa is actually upright & therefore not bothered about not being replaced-if we do end up doing it.

    God...I just resent the fact so that people can charge such extortionate amounts...

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    If you can get a cyclist or cycle shop to help they should be able to measure the cable and cut the new one to length there and then.

    Most of the cost(s) you have been quoted will be a standerd call-out fee and then labour at anything up to £40 or £50 an hour.

    If you can get a friendly volunteer cyclist or shop member to do it they won't charge call-out/labour, and if it's a shop may even supply the cable for free.

    Cycle brake cables are pretty cheap:

    Or if you need one with the outer sleeve:
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    Hi Nuke, I have found out how to measure the cable length correctly and how to order exact item required, but thank you for the links. if I went down just the cable route this would entail removing parts from mechanism and transferring to new cable. New cable for the purpose of job at hand around £5 - 10.00-with dog-leg required that attaches to interior mechanism of sofa. I also know I need a 3mm barrel/nipple to fit into the handle that releases the recline mechanism. The problem I am having is not only confidence in completing a successful job, but the fact that my disabilites will make it more difficult...however, I do know that on a better day I would be able to complete, in a longer time and with help from my wife (turning sofa over/removal of material hiding/prettifying the underneath) we would be able to do this. This course of action would of course take much longer but would be cheaper and of course overall the achievement factor of doing the job but much better, not having to hand over cash to somebody else.

    Understand how the charges are raised, but again, £120 for literally 15 minutes work really does get my goat and stick, not at back of my throat, but somewehere much darker!

    After approaching 2 firms that are able to complete this job, putting a shout out on out local town facebook page (only did that few hours ago) planning on visiting furniture shops and asking what their quote would be (expect this to be same as quotes already received). In meantime, need to decide if we turn sofa over and take out cable so ama ble to measure corerctly and order new. If we go this far, it is more than (way I am thinking at moment) likely we would attempt job ourselves...until I have a change of mind tomorrow morning.

    I really am not helping myself, am I Nukecad! :-) Sorry for laying this 'on your shoulders' as such, but makes a change from main forum! Many thanks, Nuke, for quick replies & content.

    Will come back with def decision & let you know (unless you respond in meantime).

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    Ah, I see what you mean about the dog-leg end now.

    Something like this one (which is adjustable for length):

    Looking at the reviews there then if it won't fit your particular recliner then the company will make you a special if you return the one you purchased.
    I don't know everything. - But I'm good at searching for, and finding, stuff.

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    Hi Spencer,
    If you find your local REMAP panel and give them a ring they may be able to send someone to help. Most panel members are retired engineers and they are very resourceful and inventive.

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    Morning Nuke, This is 1 of the sites I had looked at over my 'frantic' weekend fun! TY for the link. Hi Andy, TY for your comments & info provided is/will be useful for future problems. It isn't the fact of not so much not having the funds (have small contingency buffer for matters like this) it is more to the point that if I was able bodied/able to carry out the repair myself, even with wifes help, job would take longer in having to obtain copy cable & maybe hour to fit, but having to pay what is literally daylight robbery for another to do what to them would be a 15 minute job. I don't know if I mentioned in posts above that we attended where we bought sofa from and even they quoted such a job should cost around £40-60 maximum, which I would be more than happy to pay. Just the fact that 2 x quotes have had have amounted to best of £120.00...expect their cables to be gold bloody plated with diamond encrusted handle!

    However, I seem to have obtained a halfway agreed remedy. I reached out to local community on FB and got recommendation, they couldn't help but gave name/number of company in the area who could assist. Gave them a bell and they quoted £80.00 all in which also includes a prior visit to measure cable beforehand. OK, it is little more than £40-60 of advise cost, but damn sight better than handing over circa £120.00.

    However, I will be paying close attention when job is being handled, only to take mental note of what entailed as to see if it as easy as some videos I have seen. You never know when better half side of sofa goes...but can't see this anytime soon as it receives what I may call normal use. I certainly spend as much as twice as much time as anybody else not in our situations, with legs raised. & that is without sofa handle being abused, always used gently and properly and is reason why we bought in 1st lace as oppose to motorised.

    So grateful to you both for our input and time taken to reply with help and comments. Will remember to come back and update on job!

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