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    Can I ask if this means she not need a review for the LCWRA just moved her to Uc

    Does this mean no medical ever required

    I have just spoken to Xxxxxwhom you have spoken to in regards to LCWRA award and when a review is due. I have looked at all the information and can confirm that as Xxxxxxhas a severe condition no review is required and she will be kept in the LCWRA group.

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    Is there a line or two missing there?

    If you are talking about your daughter who has migrated from ESA to UC (because of the baby) then the ESA Support Group automatically becomes UC-LCWRA on migration and no new assessment is needed.

    As she meets the 'Severe Sondition' criteria then they are simply confirming that she will not require any reassessment in future either. (Just the same as it was with ESA not needing one).
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    Thought so did not know that was carried over to Uc regards the assessment due to her high needs thought that was just for Esa less thing to stress about

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