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Thread: backpayment not disregarded

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    that is just crazy as that also means anyone who keeps it all in one account will have it counted

    I am just so angry because I made it so so so clear
    I was trying to be completely transparent about it all
    I could have just sent 1 months statements but I chose to send 6 so they could see everything

    and the point was...…..

    no point at all

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    still not plucked up the courage to contact dwp
    will try again tomorrow
    but I am unsure what to say to them
    if I tell them I want an MR, do I have to explain why over the phone, or send it in writing (I think I did both in the past but not sure)

    I just feel so frustrated that if I do write they probably wont get the letter for weeks (last one took 3 weeks to get to relevant office)

    and on the letter I sent in September they actually said I could ask for other information, which I did - and that has been completely ignored

    I don't understand how these people work it is not making sense in my head

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    If I were you I would call instead of write. It's much faster and you can ask questions until it is clear what basis they are making their deduction calculations. Remember, you can always request they put something in writing after having spoken to them.

    That really is the crux of this, you need a clear explanation of their calculations and you need it ASAP so you can then explain your side of things and provide proof if necessary.

    Don't feel under pressure to get it all done in one call, you can always call back. But also don't get fobbed off, ask what you need until you know what's going on. If they can't answer any question then ask to speak to a manager and then they will usually transfer you or call you back within 3 days (but they usually have a better idea of what's going on).

    In terms of being unsure what to say..... literally just say what you've been saying on here - 'I have £38 being deducted, I'd like to know why this is please?' go from there.
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    thanks Grrrrrowl
    You are right, I need to ask to talk to someone from 'my' office but I am not sure they will do that

    what is so confusing is that I have already set everything out very clearly for them
    I could not have been clearer

    either back pay is disregarded or it isn't
    surely it should not matter where it is going
    but yes
    I need to try to do a bit at a time

    if I wake up in time, I will try speaking to them tomorrow first thing

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    I chickened out again
    still not clear in my head what I should say to them
    need to get a script or something

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    I would write down on a sheet of paper the questions you want to ask first before ohoning the DWP.
    Take the advce given here, MR, Tribunal.
    Call me Mike.

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    did it!
    wrote down the info and questions
    and actually the person I spoke to was very clear and thorough
    he said there was nothing on the file to show how they had come to the amount they had, even though there was a note saying there is some disregarded capital
    he is also asking them to send advice 'in writing' of how long that capital is disregarded for as he could see I had asked for that on my other letter
    we wait!!

    (N.B. even at 8:07am it took 30mins for the call to be answered!!)

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    Well done on making the call - let's hope they soon explain what they're doing.

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    thank you, its so stressful, isn't it.

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    I thought the Back Payment error was disregarded whilst you are in receipt of ESA.


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