In January last year i was hit at high speed by a drunk driver while driving my mobility car, my car was rolled over and they had to cut the roof off of my car to get me out. I sufferd a few soft tissue injuries which healed very quickly however i had a pre existing injury which was arthritis in my knee which was aggravated severely by the accident and resulted in surgery. Motability refferd me to one of their personal injury teams who sent me for a medical but at that time they could not give a long term prognosis however this was around 8 months ago, and i was told that i would sent to another medical its been 8 months now and i have contacted then on a few occasions and have told me they will arrange one soon, i called them again yesterday and they told me they are still waiting for a date from the doctor they use.

This is my 1st experience with anything like this so i am not sure how long the process takes but to me 8 months seems like a long time to send me for another medical? Motability have been absolutely fantastic but this 3rd party injury team have seemed very unprofessional from the start. I am just a little concerned as i can't seem to get any straight forward answers from them.