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Thread: ESA assessment

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    ESA assessment

    Hi all, I have been on ESA for a good few years now due to my depression and anxiety,
    I have failed on the last two assessments and have had to go to a tribunal which I won, the last tribunal back in 2017 I won and they also said I should be in the support group.
    I have been left alone since then till yesterday I had a letter saying they want to see me next week,
    I already know from experience that I will fail and have to appeal again,I have a few questions

    Has anybody successfully passed the assessment with anxiety and depression and stayed in the support group.

    Can you still claim housing benefit and council tax benefit if I have to appeal, because I will not be claiming universal credit whilst appealing, I will be supported financially for food and bills from family

    What is the average waiting times nowadays for a tribunal date

    Many thanks

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    If you are having an assessment soon i strongly advise you to contact them and ask for the assessment to be audio recorded,you need to do this quickly.
    They may write to you cancelling the current assessment date for a later date.
    When you fill out the ESA50 form always photocopy it, so it matches up exactly to how you answer questions during the assessment.
    Always aim to fill as much as you can that applies to your conditions,you have to match your condition with points descriptors on the DWP website,for example due to my depression and anxiety i lose control of my bowels 2-3 times a month,which awards 9 points.


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    Hi thanks for the information I am going to request an audio interview do you have any information about the housing benefit

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    I once had to fill in a zero income form with my local council when my jsa was stopped,the dwp informed the council before informing me so they the council suspended my housing and council tax benefits but they where quickly reinstated after i filled in the form and proved i had nowt in the bank and i think it is the same proceedure for esa if your housing and council tax benefits are active,but if you dont currently claim housing benefit it's a universal credit claim for that i believe

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