Hi I am a parent of a Autistic child age 11, I have a DLA Tribunal coming up on Friday. I was confident to begin with now feeling anxious very anxious. My son has always had high rate care and high rate mobility but on the renewal they changed it to low rate mobility which has had a profound impact on my son's life he is no longer being able to access any specialist leisure activities in the community therefore he is becoming increasingly isolated. His full medical diagnosis is severe Autism, development delay, congnitive delay, non verbal, social communication delay, poor awareness of danger, challenging behaviour, self directed, epilepsy, 4q chromosome duplication and hemiplegic migrains. I have a representative but he has not told me much at all I asked if I should prepare or do anything before the tribunal and how anxious I'm getting he just said not really just take some notes but notes on what I'm unsure. Any advice would be fantastic Thank you Jen