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    Disabled persons travel permit.Hope everyone is ok. Needing some advice, I have had a disabled persons travel permit for a long time because of epilepsy, and mental health problems. Sections of the form I need to reapply for the travel permit could previously be filled in by my GP, now this has changed and it must be filled in by a specialist, CPN etc. At present the only health professional I see is my GP, he has referred me back to secondary care, but I,m waiting to hear when I will be seen. I have wrote to the DVLA and explained but they returned me a form to reapply for a driving licence. I have never been able to have a license, and really rely on my disabled persons travel permit.Any suggestions , advice much appreciated as I,m completely stuck. With thanks.

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    I had the same recently when renewing my ENCTS bus pass. (Also for epilepsy).

    Although the form says that it must be a consultant and not your GP, it didn't matter.

    I rang them to query why we should waste an NHS consultants time on a trivial renewal and they said a GP letter was acceptable for a renewal.

    My GP simply printed off a list of my conditions, wrote on it that I shouldnt drive because of them, stamped with the practice stamp, and signed it.

    My pass was renewed with no problems.

    I did a thread about it at the time:

    As said in that thread it's the forms that are stupid - the people that deal with them aren't stupid and know when to ignore what the stupid form says.
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    Many thanks, much appreciated.

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