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Thread: both of us on mobility

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    both of us on mobility

    Hiya. My husband is on high rate mobility and has had a mobility car for a year, which he hardly uses as rarely goes out. I use it to get him shopping and prescriptions,take him to appointments etc.
    I have now been awarded high rate mobility and would like the car to be in my name so I can use it more instead of using it just of his needs if you see what I mean. To take myself for appointments, when he doesnt want to come with me.
    Do you think mobility would add me to his lease, so I can use it on the same terms as he is entitled too. Or would we need to cancel the lease and take a new one in my name. We dont want to be a 2 car household, not good for the enviroment for a start.
    Thanks in advance for any replies.

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    Best thing is to ring Motability, they are very helpful and will sort it out for you

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    Rang them. I cannot drive husbands car for my own use.
    Not good to have 2 cars in these enviromentally conscious days especially
    as dont need 2 cars in our household. Oh well.

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    I would cancel the lease on husbands car( if he agrees) and then order your own. Husband would benefit in cash terms because he is no longing paying for a lease.

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