It's election time again and so we get the usual crop of 'funny' parties and candidates.

Here is the Biscuit Party Facebook page. (Politics to get your teeth into?).

You may have heard them shouting 'Biscuit!' in the background of some TV news reports.

The Biscuit Party has a democratic mandate from the British people to deliver biscuits - a clear majority of the population have expressed their will for these.
They say that they have got Ian Dunking Smith to join them, and that they are putting pressure on Jeremy Bourbon, (but that Garibaldi is not welcome).

Apparently Lionel Rich-Tea has also pledged his support.

There is some debate over whether they prefer a Hard biscuit or a Soft biscuit (or no Biscuit at all), but their slogan is 'Biscuit means Biscuit'.

There's more, It's the usual collection of Crackers.

PS. Be careful if you Google 'Biscuit Party' there's a 'game' of that name that you may not want to know about.
In a deliberate attempt to smear The Biscuit Party this morning, a number of stories have appeared in the press with allegations that we are linked to Biscuit Parties that regularly take place at Eton, Harrow and a number of other prominent boarding schools around the United Kingdom.

The Biscuit Party would like to take this opportunity to categorically state that none of our members are aligned with any of these gatherings.