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    Lightbulb Market research - writing aids

    Hi everyone, I am posting re: a product that I have had to develop for university which I would greatly appreciate some feedback on as part of my market research. If anyone is able to complete the survey, it would be a massive help.

    The product is called the "AnyGrip Pen" - The pen is a jumbo/oversized pen that is encased in a putty that moulds to the hand shape of the user. The rationale behind this is to allow someone with high tone in their hands to be able to adapt the pen to an unorthodox grip, such as a claw grip or a grip that would be generally uncomfortable/not possible with a standard pen. The aim is to assist individuals with cerebral palsy, arthritis, stroke recovery and individuals with any other disabilities that limit their ability to write with a standard ball-point pen.

    Having compared it to other writing aids on the market; the price is estimated to be around £15.99/$20.

    The link for the survey is: (Survey responses are set as anonymous).

    I greatly appreciate any engagement, survey responses or suggestion.

    Many thanks.
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