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    PIP assessment

    I told DWP on September 2nd 2019 that I had a change of circumstances and received a form back which
    was a New Claim form . I filled it out and off it went by recorded delivery and after a week phoned only to be told it wasn’t there !!! Oh here we go again !!! after giving them the details of postage hey ho I have it on screen but it hasn’t been scanned yet he said ! It took 3 weeks until I got told it’s with someone being looked at .
    I have a home visit ( I told them that I wanted a home visit as did my Doctor who also wrote a support letter ) on 23rd January at 9.15 am . I have managed to get the loan of a recording kit for the visit and today after a 2nd reminder letter about the appointment I phoned them to inform them of the recording .
    I have just phoned my surgery to get a message to my doctor telling him of the appointment and if he wishes to come he is more than welcome !
    Getting anxious and biting my nails and hope I will survive this dreaded meeting !! (Help)

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    Just remember that your entitlement to PIP is based on how your illness/disability affects your life and NOT on any particular details of your illness/disability.

    Also remember to explain how it affects you on your WORST days.

    Good luck.

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    Hello Sky , I took them to appeal at court and my award was changed to enhanced on Daily activities
    but stayed at standard for mobility . Unfortunately an error was put on my form concerning how far I could walk
    by my friend who was writing in the form for me as I have disability in my hands . I Told them straight away but they
    took no notice . I took my friend with me to the appeal so she could tell them herself her mistake but they didn’t accept it
    There were a lot of lies by the HP and even one of the judges told a lie ( I found evidence of it AFTER they sent their
    Decision ) and they said I was not credible in that question but I was ! what she said was not credible .
    I just hope they don’t use their last decision against me .

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    Ah, I see. I certainly seems like the whole system is set/biased in their favour, but don't lose hope.

    I hope it all comes good for you in the end . . .

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    The whole system is a lottery

    I was expecting a fight on my last assessment due to assessors blatantly lying on the two previous assessments, weirdly I actually got a decent award this time without having to attend or have a home visit!!.

    My friend on the other hand is having a nightmare, her ESA was stopped almost a year ago, she asked for an MR, this dragged on for months until they admitted they lost her paperwork!. The CAB asked to go to tribunal in September, she's still waiting!.

    She had her DLA - PIP transfer assessment about 4 weeks ago (I went with her) she got nothing!, the letter says she was quite happy, showed no signs of distress and everything was fine (so no points!). This is a complete fabrication, she was shaking, crying and I had to hang onto her most of the time (she has severe anxiety issues). So off to the CAB again to request an MR for that as well. She has a 5yr old daughter and all they have had to live on for almost a year is child tax credit and her and her daughters DLA, now after the assessment she won't have her DLA

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    Hello Sky I am so wound up and last night I had one hell of a full blown fibro attack
    It’s very bad and wish really that the visit was today as I was wrecked and so so exhausted.
    Hope is on the numb tips of my fingers !!

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    Phaedra you are not wrong there !!! Your friend must be in a dreadful state !!!
    I hope she gets a decision soon and a good one .

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