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Thread: Pip and ESA

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    Pip and ESA

    Bit of a general question: Does a solid Pip claim have any bearing on a claim for ESA- and if so, in what way, given the fact they are entirely two different benefits?

    Whilst you can claim Pip and still be able to work- can you also use the severity of your condition evidenced by your PIP claim to show you are incapable of work?

    Whilst I understand ESA measures the "limited capability for work" rather than limitations with daily living and mobility tasks"- it hard to see how a severe limitation with the latter is not going to have any effect on the former?
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    All I can say is that I used my PIP report to prove that I couldn't walk more than 50 metres at my ESA Tribunal. This combined with the fact that my ESA report stated that I have upper body weakness and wouldn't be able to move a manual wheelchair without exhausting myself was enough to win my Tribunal and be put in the Support Group of ESA.

    To be honest, my PIP face-to-face was exactly the same as my ESA face-to-face.

    Last year there were reports of possibly combining the two assessments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gbhxu View Post
    Last year there were reports of possibly combining the two assessments.
    Politicians talk about that, it doesn't work.
    One is only about being able to work, one is about your daily life - they are two different things.

    The DWP have tried it in the past and after those trials realised/know why it doesn't work to use one for the other or have a combined assessment for both.

    But new MP's get elected, and without knowing what they are talking about bring it all up again.
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