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    I don't recall ever filling in an ESA50. All I can recall is filling in a claiming Contribution ESA document NSESAF1 of approximately 22 pages long which was clerical.
    I finally have my assessment date and I am wondering-as a consequence of this, what it is the assessor will be working from?
    I did submit additional medical documentation three weeks ago but this was to do with the fight to receive a home assessment- which has been granted.
    Can anybody give me an idea of the format the interview is likely to take given the circumstances described above? Thank you.
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    It is quite possible to have an assessment without filling in an ESA50.

    There are even some cases where the rules specifically say not to send one out, especially of you have been deemed a 'vunlnerable' claimant.

    The ESA50 is only one part of your evidence, and if your other evidence is strong enough they don't realy need it.

    The assessor will just do an assessment from scratch, not having an ESA50 simply means that they have had no forewarning of what to expect, apart from what was in the other evidence that you provided.
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