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Thread: inheritance can't find my original post

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    inheritance can't find my original post

    So am executor of the will of my late mother l had a document to release funds But no funds have been released to my brother or sister The solicitor could access the funds but l could not. and am awaiting the rest of money held for me. So the solicitor accessed money from my mothers estate as it was their. but l have not received anything nor my brother or sister ( their money is safe ) So l phoned ESA contributory l was told by gentleman not to worry even though l had bout a house two bedroom so my partner could move in. l would on money27/01/20 still get full ESA He did say l had about 6 mins on phone (lol) he stated l would still get £200 odd l inherited £60,000 not to worry and to phone Thursday 30st as he did not wish me to have to pay for overpayment the DWP person seemed very helpful stated my esa for monday had gone throw and not to worry. so am more worried lol l should add the dwp had my file up on his screen
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    We have already covered this earlier today.
    Click on this blue writing:

    You seem to be having trouble finding your previous posts.

    To find your previous posts click on your own name anywhere it appears in blue.
    Like at the top left of your post above - click the blue 'lost'

    That takes you to your profile page which will show your most recent posts.
    You will also see blue links on the left to see older posts or threads that you have made.

    You get the idea, things written in blue usually take you to somewhere else if you click on them.
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    Thank you computers and myself don't get on very well, thank for your help

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