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Thread: Government Gateway Access Account

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    Government Gateway Access Account

    I wanted to know how easy or not you found this process if you made an account or gave up. They don't seem to tell you of all the information you will require to open an account. I think I was asked for a long list of requests to attempt access. But if you forget any of the data you previously added to gain access it locks you out for 2 days.

    So beware on signing up keep a list of phones you used, emails, passwords, passport details, address, NI number, Credit information and the number they give you for access. If this process is simple according to their video no it's not. And even worse if you have forgotten your own details.

    It's not as easy as it claims to be.
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    I've always avoided Government Gateway, as you say it was a horrible thing.

    Government Gateway is actually closed for new registration now and been replaced by GOV.UK Verify. (and I'm avoiding that for as long as I can as well).
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    I tried to get through the 'gateway' and could not do it
    I don't remember the questions but some I just could not answer, and then the same happened with verify

    in the end I rang them (not sure where I found the number) and still could not answer everything, but between them and me, we found a way through

    dreadful system

    it would have been more helpful if they had listed all the information necessary before you start - then I would have known what I didn't know!!!!

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    Not sure how many attempts it allows you before it locks you out. But it's a minefield of questions if you don't have all the information it requires.

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