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    advice needed

    Hi all.

    I am after some advice. I am a single dad who gets working and child tax credits who until 4 weeks ago was working full time. I have been suffering with a back problem and have recently had an MRI scan and it looking like i will need an operation but waiting to see a neurosurgeon in march. This has left me unable to work signed off from the doctor. I do not get sick pay from work so only getting ssp is there any other other help i can get claim as this does not cover rent bills etc. I was wondering with rent school meals council tax etc etc. thanks for any help

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    You need to apply to the council for help with council tax and rent payments.

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    Are you likely to be off work for a long period? Are your employers going to keep the job open if you are off a long time?

    SSP is only payable for 28 weeks, after which your employer gives you a form (a SSP1) and you then need to claim a benefit to get money coming in.

    If you have paid sufficient NI in the previous 2 years then as you will still be sick you can claim Contributions Based 'New Style' ESA.

    If you have not paid sufficent NI contributions then you will have to claim Universal Credit instead.

    If you want help with your rent then you will have to claim UC anyway. (It can be claimed as well as NS ESA).
    You can no longer claim Housing Benefit from the council, HB has been replaced by UC for new claims.

    The council can still help with Council Tax relief.

    Free school meals are also the council:

    You can also ask the council for a 'Discretionary Housing Payment', which can be a one off help (for arrears, etc) or ongoing for a period of time.
    It isn't a benefit as such, so is discretionary (they don't have to give you one), and is meant to help out with the rent or other housing costs on a temporary basis.

    If/when you claim UC the CTC (and any WTC if you are still technically employed) will be migrated into the UC, so that then all comes as one payment.
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    Migration from ESA to Universal Credit- Click here for information.

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