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Thread: Is it worth applying for a parking space with a hidden disability?

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    Is it worth applying for a parking space with a hidden disability?

    Wondering what experiences people have generally with the Blue Badge and hidden disabilites.

    I am able to ask for a disabled space outside my home but I am afraid of the neighbours noses being put out and the repercussions. I read of people being maliciously reported for fraud and investigations taking place, which sounds so horrible and stressful.

    Is it even worth it?

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    If you're entitled to it, then do it - sod the neighbours.

    The trouble is, that it won't be put there just for you. Anyone who has a BB will be entitled to park there, so it doesn't guarantee a space for you at all.

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    Don't live your life around fear of a neighbours reaction life is too short, besides if you need it that's not your neighbours concern live your life.

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    I’m not even sure that you need a BB as my understanding is these spaces are not enforcible and anyone can park there unless the council puts up a sign that says “BB only” and that’s rare and like Sky said, anyone with a BB can still park there.

    The other thing having had the council paint “Disabled” across my dropped kerb last Summer is that it seems to attract some low lives into thinking its OK to park there after all what’s a disabled person going to do about it.

    To be fair though most people respected the signage but until we are protected by law the abuse will go on and let’s be fair, politicians don’t really care about anyone but themselves so unlikely to see laws to stop BB parking fraud.

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    Thanks everyone.

    I suppose what I'm asking is the likelyhood of backlash. Malicious reporting to DWP, abuse, arguements etc. Afterall, it's meant to make life easier, but if it infact will cause me problems I'm not too confident in asking for one.

    In your own experience, does the help of a disabled space near your home outweigh the trouble that comes your way because of it (due to hidden disability)?

    I live in an apartment building. There is one disabled space outside already. It's used by someone who doesn't have a blue badge displayed. Not sure if it's there for that person (it's directly in front of his house), or for my other neighbour on the ground floor who has trouble walking but doesn't use it. Regardless, I'm just not looking to make to many waves. Would be ideal to have the use of one close to the door. But, if you have to fight through a barage of questions and judgements all the time, I'd rather avoid that.

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    Applying to the council to have marking laid down is simple enough and just needs your PIP letter from the DWP or if you don’t claim PIP the same paperwork and evidence you used to get the BB.

    Neighbours are another matter and my disability is easy to see but as long as you have been honest with the DWP you should not have anything to worry about.

    Living in an apartment block could be a problem because my drive is my drive but the footpath is public but I have right of way to drive over the path to get to my drive and only have “disabled” written across it because I can’t get out of the car and run up and down the road looking for the owner of whatever is blocking my drive but, yes, I can see the problem when it’s a shared car park that I have no answer for.

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