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Thread: Covid 19, face to face assessments suspended

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    I’m sorry if this has been asked before I can’t find updated information anywhere. I’m due to return my ESA50 form by 14th April. Given the stricter measures announced yesterday, do I still have to return it ?

    Thank you

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    Yes, you still need to return the form.

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    Unless you told in writing to not return it, return it.

    They will either do a paper/phone assessment, or delay your f2f for at least 3 months.

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    Thank you for both answers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pau View Post
    Well that would be great for most of us although I really can’t see this happening. What will they do about new claims though , surely they will have paper based if they have the required evidence or have telephone assessments , it would be unfair for them to wait months and months for the extra element. I mean this is terrible and I like a lot of others never thought this would have such an impact when I heard about it a month ago. Boris has just advised all to have no public contact .
    I’m a new claimant on pip,had my phone claim on the 13th of jan heard nothing back as yet,the wait is so stressful

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    This is unofficial but from a (very) reliable source.
    (It may even technically be a leak, but so what? These are unusual times).

    It is from a draft copy of new DWP guidance, dated 24/03/2020
    The draft guidance includes new/changed instructions for PIP telephone operators about answering various questions, it's pretty comprenhensive and from what I can see covers all the possible scenarios.

    Anyway, of interest here for existing PIP claimants:
    PIP – Corona Virus – Covid 19 - Lines to Take
    Following the Government’s decision to move to the “Delay” phase of the Coronavirus outbreak, DWP took the decision to suspend all face to face assessments for health and disability related benefits from Tuesday 17th March. A decision has also now been taken to suspend all review and reassessment activity unless an individual reports a change in their needs from Tuesday 24th March.

    We expect the measure to be in place for the next three months but we will be regularly reviewing the position in line with Public Health advice.
    Where awards are due to expire, we will be extending end-dates so that all claimants continue to receive financial support at their current rate during this period.
    Then further down in the 'telophony instructions' there is this new question and answer:
    New - I currently claim PIP [under Special Rules] and my award is due to end – what do I do?

    Note - If claimant doesn’t mention they receive PIP under Special Rules please be cautious as they may not be aware.

    You do not need to do anything. We will automatically extend your award for a six month period.
    Those are my boldings and underlining.
    Ignore that bit about 'Special Rules', that's a 'just in case they don't know say nothing', the statement applies to all PIP claimants.

    Also note that in the first quote it says "suspend all review and reassessment activity" I would take that to include WCAs for ESA/UC as well.

    So while that is not official yet, I wouldn't expect those to change.

    Hopefully that may put some peoples mind at rest.

    If I can find one I'll post a link to the full document once it is official.

    EDIT - parts of it have already made it into this updated press release, so I guess we can call it semi-official now:
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