Throughout the coronavirus outbreak in the UK, supermarkets have continued to trade, both in-store and online, in order to feed the nation during the lockdown. Special measures have been put in place to keep both customers and staff safe during this unprecedented time.

For disabled people and those in ‘vulnerable’ and ‘high risk’ groups, the challenges can be even tougher. To help make it easier, we have collated all the information on how you can access supermarkets safely and get priority access to online deliveries.

Shopping for ‘vulnerable’ groups
Those considered to be in the ‘extremely vulnerable’ group, who have been advised to self-isolate for 12 weeks, should be getting priority with supermarket deliveries.

If you’re in this group, register on the government website at this address:

Your details will then be passed onto the supermarkets, enabling them to unlock delivery slots for you ahead of everyone else.

If you’re in the ‘high risk’ group, you’re likely to have received a letter from the NHS about ‘shielding, i.e. avoiding contact with others as much as possible.